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On Mon Feb 4 14:50:21 2008 : 2008-2-4_Winter_Creek

Winter Creek

A small creek frozen over that I found on the drive home yesterday. The utter silence while taking this photograph was perfect, broken by the distant screech of an owl.

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On Mon Jan 21 14:05:59 2008 : 2008-1-21_Brrrrrr


It's deathly cold out there, but I decided yesterday to wrap up warm and get my ass out there to do some photography. It was worth it for the results, but I sure couldn't hang around long.

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On Sat Nov 24 00:00:29 2007 : 2007-11-24_Sand_Grass

Sand Grass

Not much to say about this - shot at the same time as the previous pic.

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On Mon Nov 19 18:52:57 2007 : 2007-11-19_The_Beach

The Beach

Shot at the beach in Kincardine, Ontario. This is mostly as-shot thanks to my new Cokin filters (polarizer, ND-Grad, and ND filters used here).

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On Sun May 27 00:30:25 2007 : 2007-5-27_More_Titanic

More Titanic

One of the "Three Kates" dreaming about her new life in America.

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On Wed May 23 19:33:10 2007 : 2007-5-23_Titanic


It's been over a while, but I've only recently got around to updating my web site with pictures. This year I was the "official" photographer for the local community theatre's rendition of Titanic, The Musical.

It's an amazing show, and very ambitious for community theatre, but they pulled it off amazingly well. This group is really incredible, and I think the above picture (taken prior to one of the rehearsals) just summed the whole thing up perfectly - two kids who became friends during the rehearsals just enjoying the time together.

I'll post some pics from the actual show over the next few days.

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On Tue May 22 15:59:09 2007 : 2007-5-22_Hilton_Falls__Ontario

Hilton Falls, Ontario

This Sunday (Victoria Day Weekend) we took a trip to Hilton Falls which is near Milton - not too far from us. I expected it to be a gentle walk with some nice photography opportunities, but instead we got utterly ravaged by Black Flies. Everyone I've spoken to said that is further south than they expect them, but I guess the woods and water attract them.

So we had a brisk walk, very few photos (didn't want to stop), and not the most pleasant experience. Having said that, I think this photograph came out wonderfully and I hope to print it rather large (maybe 20x30).

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On Fri Apr 20 03:19:41 2007 : 2007-4-20_KW.pm_Social Social

Tonight was a Kitchener-Waterloo Social evening at the Duke of Wellington "British" pub. I think I may have to strip them of that name, because the only "British" ale they serve is Bass, which I'm not even sure is deserving of the name (heck, even I opted for a Canadian beer instead!).

Much fun was had, as can be seen in the typically geeky picture above.

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On Thu Apr 12 14:20:15 2007 : 2007-4-12_Leaving_Town

Leaving Town

I quite like the way the telegraph poles look like they'll fall over in this. It still surprises me how straight roads are here :-)

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On Sun Apr 8 16:45:31 2007 : 2007-4-8_Spare_Parts

Spare Parts

Shot on my brief (cold) wanders around yesterday. Roll on summer.

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