Thu Aug 4 19:09:28 2005

Photo Geeks

Photo Geeks is a mailing list to discuss various aspects of digital photography, with a slight slant towards using your computer in various ways to improve your workflow. This is a place where you can discuss using your D70 on Linux, or where you can discuss how to improve your pictures in Gimp, or just ask how you could improve a particular photo.

To subscribe, send an email to>.

I created this list based on an idea by Geoff Young - to fill a gap - all the discussions of photography seem to happen on old style forum bulletin boards. Geeks hate bulletin boards because they don't fit well with their workflow.

Note that this mailing list has no direct association with #photogeeks on - I had no idea that channel existed when I created this mailing list. However it looks like a good place to hang out if you're interested in chat about photography.


  • DP Review-> - a great digital photography site with very good user forums.
  •> - covers all aspects of photography. Has very good tutorials for the beginner.
  • Steve's Digicams-> - site with good reviews.